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Lobosway Corp. is a trusted purchasing agency and supply chain management company catering to African clients. With extensive expertise in procurement and logistics, we help our clients secure quality products and streamline their supply chain processes. Our dedicated team ensures efficient procurement, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions, fostering long-term partnerships for mutual growth.

Our mission is to provide reliable and efficient purchasing and supply chain management services to our clients, while building lasting relationships through our commitment to transparency, innovation, and collaboration.

At Lobosway Corp, our vision is to become the leading procurement and supply chain management partner for African businesses; utilizing cutting-edge technology, exceptional service, and empowering local communities.

At Lobosway Corp., our supply chain and purchasing agents prioritize integrity, transparency, collaboration, and accountability. We consistently deliver value-driven solutions, foster long-term partnerships, and ensure ethical operations while prioritizing sustainability, innovation, and agility to exceed clients’ expectations.

At Lobosway Corp., our philosophy is centered on fostering long-term partnerships with our African clients. We aim to provide ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, while promoting economic growth in local communities.

As a supply chain and purchasing agent Company,  Quality assurance is our top priority. We adhere to strict quality standards, conduct thorough inspections, implement effective quality control measures, and collaborate closely with suppliers to ensure the procurement of high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


Lobosway Corp. provides exceptional OEM representative services, ensuring seamless communication and efficient coordination for all business operations.


Lobosway Corp. offers top-notch purchasing agent services, ensuring cost-effective procurement solutions and seamless supply chain management.


Lobosway Corp. provides comprehensive supply chain management solutions, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing logistical complexities.

We Work With Global Manufactures

We Help Build On Past & Prepare For Your Future.

Safety System

High saftey requirements and in compliance with the ISO Standards .

100% Satisfaction

We Deliver projects to and impressive list of long-term clients.

Uinque Solutions

Delivering bigger, better, faster and complex projects than ever.



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